Use OperSearch, Kendra, Transcribe and Glue to extract information from an S3 document pool.

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

In Tom Hanks’ movie Finch, I was amazed by Finch’s book processing robot. It automatically cuts the book spines off and feeds the pages to a scanner. The contents are then digitized and then put to good use — go watch the film and you know what I mean here…

Use Neo4j to investigate institutional holdings in the stock market

As a retail stock investor, I always keep an eye on what the “smart money” is buying or selling. “Smart money” refers to institutional investors — pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, and other big investors. They are also called the whales of Wall Street or the…

How to build a metagenomic binning pipeline on AWS (Part 1)

Bioinformatics is leaping into the cloud

In the webinar “Scaling genomics workloads using HPC on AWS” on July 14, 2021, I learned that the heavyweights such as AstraZeneca and Illumina have already moved their genome analyses into the AWS cloud and have been reaping the great benefits ever since. The cloud reduced both the runtime and…

Sixing Huang

Certified Neo4j Professional, German bioinformatician in BGI Shenzhen. I want to learn more about Cloud, machine learning, Japanese and to travel the world.

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